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Submitted on
December 23, 2012


After years of backburnership, I've decided to put a little effort into getting my beloved monster-based quasi-parody card game, BakaChibiMon, up and running... and one of the deciding factors was the discovery of the #fakemon communities here on DA, people devoted to creating monsters that are in the vein of Pokemon.  

For a long time now, the BCM battle system has been mostly finished, but the task of creating 100 or so unique monsters so I can start playtesting it and trying to break the game was beyond me.  I had asked for help several times before, but everybody always just looked at me like I was strange/insane.

Now, I'm asking for help, and hopefully from the right people.

So if you are a Fakemon creator and see this... and would like to see your fakemon get used in an actual card game (and possibly get paid for it - I can't promise anything at this point, but I am not looking to screw anybody over) please hit me up and we'll see what we can work out.
Sephiros-TH Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
I'll bite. I'm curious, how does the game work?
TheAppleofDiscord Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Elevator pitch - Play monsters and items to defend your own home territory while advancing on and trying to capture the enemy territory. It's part chess, part D&D, and part all-out monster mayhem.

Longer pitch - The BCM Battle System relies on the use of dice to determine several core elements of gameplay. Most cards attack, defense, and magic points aren't static values, they're dice roll notation (like 3d6, meaning you roll 3d6 to determine what the number is for this turn). That means that any monster is only as strong as its most recent roll, and the weakest monsters could potentially do severe damage to the strongest one if the dice favor one player over another.

Dice are also used instead of traditional "mana" or other summoning elements - each turn at the very beginning you roll a single die (the "Turn Die") which determines which color cards you can play this turn. Cards are divided into 4 color-coded categories; red, focused on attack - green, focused on defense - blue, focused on magic and abilities - and finally gray, which can be played on any color but are significantly weaker than other monsters and are basically just fodder. If BCM does well, there will likely be additional colors with additional focus points as the game progresses.

Play takes place on a 6 card by 5 row grid. The two rows nearest to you make up the "home rows", with Defense closest and Attack next out. Then there's a row called "No Mon's Land" that's a in-between row (potentially could be several rows if you wanted to change the rules up a bit). Then the two enemy Home rows. Cards come into play on your Defense home row, closest to you, and can move one space at a time (forward, sideways, or backwards) per turn.

The ultimate goal is to deplete the enemy's health points. This can be done through indirect attacks using Blue monster cards, or by advancing Red monsters up to the enemy's home row and attacking him directly. There's other win conditions too, like completely filling the enemy's home row if they have no monsters on the board at all.
Sephiros-TH Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
sounds pretty fun! I'd be willing to contribute art, time allowing haha.
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